Wedding Photographer is the king´s class…

…because every shot counts! This phrase, which I often use, describes best how extensive the work of a wedding photographer is. The large-scale
knowledge of all types of photography is required here. After a wedding I was a Photojournalist-, Portrait-, Still-life-, Macro- and Eventphotographer
disguised as a paparazzo. I’m sure that the most of my most beautiful photographs would not have emerged if I had stood directly before. The most
emotional moments usually arise in natural and seemingly unobserved situations.

Shortly to me: My name is Raman. I was born in Frankfurt,Germany in 1972 and I am married. Since 2007 I live with my wife and our daughter in
the near of Wiesbaden. You can find a few more private insights here.

I am a passionate photographer. My skills in the field of wedding photography are based on a 20-year career experience. My motivation is created
by two sources. The first source – The comparison with photographers from all over the world. That many of my photographs were awarded at
competitions inspires me to find the next perfect moment, to shot the next award photo.
The second source – my bridal couples. Very often it happens that my married couple are emotionally touched when they look at their photos that
even tears flow. For me this is like the thunderous applause for a stage actor.

So that you do not feel disturbed by the intimate moments of your special day, the chemistry between us must be right. So it is easier for you to
allow real emotions in my presence. For this reason, a personal meeting is essential and even at larger distances video calls are always possible
and a good alternative. I wish you much fun while browsing through my galleries and who knows… maybe we’ll get to know each other personally.
I look forward to meeting you!