Wedding Albums

For generations, we have been keeping personal and valuable things in special places and keeping them there like a treasure.
In comparison, the wedding photos are your treasure and the high-quality wedding album your treasure chest. Imagine how
you are in some years with your partner, the children or grandchildren in memories, your personal wedding album in your
hands and revive the memories of your wonderful wedding day. No matter if you’re looking for a coffee table book or for an
illustrated book, both will keep your wedding pictures in dignity.


The Coffe-Table-Book is an album in a nostalgic look. The cover as well as the book pages recall past bookbinding art.
The envelopes are handcrafted in high quality leather or luxurious fabrics. Various types of papers, e.g. in vintage style.
Due to the thread binding, a large circumference of up to 300 pages is possible.